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Got slightly bored for a minute, so here’s what happened. Last (last?) night I was eating strawberries, so I made it my steam name for a short while. Figured I’d make an avatar if I eat strawberries again(: (link: http://imgur.com/pbvIPYV) (and the original shape I stole: http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/81734415/sn/1710271234/name/10768383-strawberry-cartoon-isolated-over-white-background-vector.jpg

Today I decided to work a full day of work since yesterday I found out that I can only work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. And why is that? Well Independence Day is Thursday! I completely forgot. And Friday it’s basically the weekend following the holiday, and no one will be in the office anyways. Pretty much all day I’ve been listening to this one Grooveshark radio. I didn’t know that it had the capability to listen to people’s own broadcast (such as Turntable) until yesterday. The host goes by Migmagnific. That’s where I derived my post title from, and you should definitely go listen to it if you’re into old and new rock, blues, etcetera. This is a weird/funny video short that he linked in the chat a few hours ago of a Lion King alternative ending. Just been working on Dayton Analytics templates, R graphing, and backing up everything on an external hard drive.

I also want to have like, a Song of the Day sort of thing and I feel that linking videos looks slightly messy, so I’ll let you clink on the link if you so choose. Today’s is Drift Away by the Doobie Brothers.  Honorable mentions: Men’s Needs by The Crib,  Still Counting by Volbeat, Mama by Coconut Records, Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve.

The style of my blog is still a work in progress, too. Trying to find a way to get a GIF I made to be the background or at least the header. Interested in seeing an interesting analysis on dialects in the United States? Well, probably not with how I worded it, but I definitely think you should check it out. For one map, it highlights which regions of the US say coke vs. pop vs. soda. Mandy ran by it and showed it to me last time we were both in the office.

Well, at this precise moment, it is 3:31 PM, an hour and a half until I get off work to meet my grandma at home! Since the dramatic move of hers, I haven’t seen her since. She’s coming over for dinner tonight. Boy I really hope we have noodles again…I had them for dinner last night and for lunch today at work, and I still want more! And today at work, Derek brought me a banana questionable shake when he was out getting lunch 😀 Pretty rad of him. So far that’s really all that has happened today. Happy July 2nd!

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