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Food and Jesus

You know if someone sets their status as “Food and Jesus.”, they have their priorities straight. I, on the other hand, do not. Yesterday for my day off of work, I had a quite small to do list. How many of those things got done? Erm, well, only less than 1. We all need our lazy day! Or week. Or Summer…

Anyways, today’s the day my package will mooost likely show!! I’m so ready to go home, ready myself to open it, AND have it not be there. Nah, I’m pretty sure it should. I’ve been tracking it, and it arrives in Springboro either at 8 PM last night or 8 AM this morning, but it was sent out to be delivered (from Springboro, the city I call home at the moment) at 10 AM. If the mail service takes 24 hours to get it from the postal home base/office to my house, I’ll be disappointed. It’s only about a 4 minute drive maximum. I’d be glad to get it if I could. Anyways, it’s 2-day shipping, and today is the second day business day it’s been in transit.

To Whom This May Concern;

USPS gods, please be kind to me and have a present awaiting me.


Anxious Teenager

So I’ve decided that I really like to make avatars in GIMP. Maybe that’s what I’ll do when I grow up. Sierra Ritter: Professional GNU Avatar Illustrator. Or, maybe not…but it’d sure be fun.

Speaking of stuff for when I grow up, my parental folks said I should include in my blog the college research I’ve been doing. So, readers, now you get to know about my daily meals AND what I want to do when I’m all grown up! So here‘s a website I’ve not looked into too awful much other than filling out one scholarship requirement. I’m not sure how trustworthy a site I found by googling “scholarships” will be, but what the hay! Money’s money, as long as you don’t have to be honest as to where you got it. Using this website, I found some rankings of top colleges in the United States for mathematics. If you’ve recently starting reading my blog, yes, I am a math geek. ❤ statistics. You know, I feel like statistics can be the most honest thing, and that’s why I love them. Wouldn’t you rather someone say “he received 35% of the votes” than “yeh, he received a good ole chunk of votes”? Well, I sure know I would. I think humans like to stretch the truth/exaggerate too much to forgo numbers. I admit, I do too. If someone asks how much I made last week, I may round up a bit to make it sound slightly more prestigious.

Then again, statistics can be the most misleading thing.


I accidently started browsing imgur, and I ran across this magnificent photo. Love it. 

Back to what I was saying…oh yes, statistics indeed CAN be the most misleading this. Given I’ve taken a year and a half (a semester coarse before the full year class was offered, and the full year AP class, giving a grand total of a year and a half of a statistics class), I can tell you all about how stats can manipulate data to actually mislead without lying. There are the obvious ‘duhs’ such as putting a break in a graph to make a difference in bars look gigantus when actually the difference is minute. (SIDENOTE: Since when is gigantus not a word…?) And also, to represent a histogram, pictures can represent bars to also make the data look misleading. But then there’s the more complicated form of manipulation…when a graph appears to have some form of pattern, but not that strong, you can take the log of a variable (for example). This makes all the data look nicer and fit into a neat little package you can tell all your friends has a perfect trend line.

Wow what a tangent…well anyways, some of the school that seem to be best for me in terms of notability, size, likelihood to be accepted, price, and programs are (in order of overall score *):

*score is determined by QS Top Universities

I only included those because the rest were either not in the United States, cost $20k+, or weren’t in the top 50 school. Other school that barely didn’t make the cut to be posted in my blog were mostly state schools like Penn State or OSU. I do think it’s kind of odd that three Universities in California took slots…but so it goes. I’ve done more research, but I’ll elaborate on that later.


Song of the Day: Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes (so I completely forget which I had ready to be the song of the day…so we’ll just go with my all-time favorite song)

Artist of the Day: Bon Iver

Playlist of the Day: Slowly, Slowly  I Am Drifting (a new playlist I made since I got into a Bon Iver kick today, it’s short but soon to expand!)

NEW! Music Blog of the Day: Soundtrack of the Youth (my most recent follower, who so far seems to have a delicious taste for music)

OHYES, something else…I made a Pinterest. I’m trying not to get into all of these social media sites since I go a little nuts with friends/followers, but it is a really good organizational website. Definitely a better idea than having over 30 tabs in 2-3 browsers at any given time. I’m slowly picking up speed, but if you have a desire to check out some of my favorite old Frederator podcasts or any other weird things I get into, check me out! My URL/link thing is: http://pinterest.com/rittersierra/boards/. I’ll update my About to have it there also.

NEW! Useful Nerd Site of the Day: R for Matlab Users

Well, I sure feel like I did a good job blogging today. Look at all this stuff! #goME

Thanks for reading!


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