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Ketch Up

Okay, so I’ve done poorly posting on time again. I need to cover Friday and today. Time to do some ketching up. Get it? ;D

Friday, June 21st:

Early morning work. Here’s a link of a presentation I made in a day: Climatology Database. I do have to say, since my work is going to further research for the Wright Patt Air Force Base, I need to cease disclosing things in what I post, sadly. This PowerPoint is just notes about climatology, but can’t leak anything. Mandy and I took a trip to Chipotle after a few hours of work and presenting. Jealous? I’d be. By the time I got home, it was only roughly 12:30 PM.

Katie lost her keys for awhile as I was writing this (Saturday). She looked eeeverywhere, even called the movies and Steak n Shake to check their lost and found. Luckily she found them, but where were they? In a pocket she said she never knew existed. She gave my dad and I permission to call her a Key Noob all weekend, so that’s what she’ll be addressed as for a short while! No guarantees that the nickname will end when Sunday night does, though. Anyways, back to storytelling now.

Had to do laundry and such, but nothing too extravagant.


Btw I’m taking a trip to King’s Island, so it’ll be abruptly cut off and to be continued soon! This song just came on also, and it’d be the perfect car ride montage song.


Right now it’s actually the first of July, and I have no idea what I planned to elaborate on. I remember we met some junior high girl since she was lonely. Oh wait! Also something that happened…Andrea and I had time for one more big ride and to get a snack before the park was to close. We sat near the Eiffel Tower and decided to rate passing guys. After awhile of low average numbers, a few guys pass by. We didn’t exactly have time to choose our rating before they came up to us. Surprised and not in the mood to make anything of it, I just sit back wondering what they think they’ll get out of this. The two guys ask generic questions about our age, where we live, etcetera. One starts telling me of how he and this girl were texting, and she asked him to send a picture. He complains in jest that she didn’t think he was that cute. He asks me what I think, and what I’d rate him. I ironically mention that I don’t rate guys, and exchange a glance with Andrea. They ask for our numbers. I give one a number or two off from mine, and Andrea apparently gives hers. Funny, all the next week he texts her and she’s not enthused. We end the night forgoing food, and making our way to The Beast.

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