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Planned Obsolescence

I really couldn’t believe in this more when it comes to phones…mine is coming up on its 2 year anniversary, and its 1 year crapaversary. It started to peter out 6 months to a year of having it. Now, it’ll turn off without the capability to turn back on for periods of time. It did this last night, so my alarm wouldn’t sound. Sucks since my actual alarm clock has been out of commission for quite a while… I woke at 9:40 this morning, and knew I couldn’t make that quite of a time recovery since I needed to shower. I am pretty proud of myself though, I leisurely showered, got ready, greeted my cat, etc. and got to work promptly at 10:30. For a girl, that’s some serious hauling. Bad thing is, I’m still an hour and a half passed when I would have like to have shown up to get some extra hours in this week.

Is Taco Bell always nuts when you walk in? Man, it sure seems to be whenever I walk in. Derek drove me, so it was easier to walk in. I got my usual Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze and churro, but I spiced things up with a quesadilla as opposed to a griller. I swear, it costs more but is less food.

Not been too fun lacking any and all Microsoft Office products…I tried to open PPTs I made to get the scripts I crafted; nope, no Powerpoint. I tried opening Word to read saved documents and lists; nope, “no Word for YOU.” I tried opening Excel to input my in and out time; NOPE. Computer’s acting like an almost 2-year-old that takes enjoyment of the word ‘no’. And now it thinks it’s too good to download GIMP T_T.

Dear Oh So Lovely Computer;

Could you be a doll and work for me? I’ve spent two days battling with you, today making a third. Mandy even left work to come in to wipe you clean of any malware. You couldn’t be more clean! Now, I know you were born with Windows 8. It’s not your fault, I don’t hate you for it. Lady Gaga even wrote a song for such matters. You were Born This Way. But if you could just let me work out my kinternship in peace, we can all get along!

Peace, Love, and Understanding


Oh, I guess I still need to give a song of the day…well, I had been thinking…I can’t decide between two songs. But why discriminate? I dub today as bonus day.

Song of the day number 1: Oh La La Satan by Mustard Pimp

Song of the day number 2: White Trash Beautiful by Everlast

Pretty weird combo, but oh well. And actually…if I were to have an artist of the day, it’d be Kavinsky. He/she/it/they/Obama has a few songs I really like (i.e. Pacific Coast Highway and Nightcall). So if you’re in the mood for #rad songs, there are a few to start you off.

MAN I JUST FOUND OUT I CAN COLOR CODE MY WORDS! This is cool. Awhhh yeahhh. Forget that punctuation, that can stay black, no one likes periods. Sorry, I hope I’m not graded on offtopicness. This is not a good situation…needing to update my blog, and all GIMP/Microsoft programs unavailable to me. AND, another package I bought off eBay should be here Friday (though since it took the chick 3 business days to send it out, I don’t think it’ll arrive until Saturday). What’s in the box? Not what JT thinks, it’s something much better. To be discovered when it arrives…!

And tomorrow I have off work, yey.

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