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Personal Stars

It seems like every so often I become obsessed about songs. I actually compile playlists of them in Grooveshark. I’ve linked my account before, but if you’re into indie/alternative with a dash of pop, rock, and other awesome genres, you should check it out. And this video is one I’m currently looping into everything I’m listening to. It’s called Personal by Stars, ergo the title for this post. It’s a slow song, so if you’re in the mood for screamo, I recommend not listening to it.

Want to see a mind boggling graph I just created in R? Well here it is anyways: http://imgur.com/OvVpG9v. I don’t even know…

As much as I enjoy Piada (like an Italian version of Chipotle if you know what that is), I don’t think it’s as good the day after. Yesterday for dinner I went there for my first time, and it was epic. So man choices of meats, sauces, vegetables, and other various toppings. Oh I’m testing an html code, and it looks broken for me since flash isn’t working…but hopefully that yellow box could play music. Posting this so I can test it, but the post is TBC~

Well never mind, WordPress doesn’t approve of that. Well another good song to listen to which is more calm alternative: Stars by The XX

Excuse all the videos, meant for this to be more of a text and link sort of blog, but I like the dimension that other mediums add. Oh, also! Eventually I plan to have another blog. Well it’ll be more of a vlog, but its premise will be me recording when I go on a new server for a video game, the reactions I get. I have so many guys say to me, “Oh I wish I could be a girl gamer, all the attention and free stuff would be 1337.” They never get to see the hate that we get too. There was one time (of many) where I entered a server, used my microphone, and I was muted since they thought I was a little boy for a second. I said I was a girl so they hastily unmuted me. The harassment and drama involved really sucks. But, overall it’s more of an entertainment. What I plan to record first is hopping servers in Garry’s Mod. Want to be in a video? Message me on Steam after I get some extra cash to buy Fraps for $37. I know it’s not that expensive, but I did just start my job last week and I have a lot of summer plans that involve money. I’ve played with the settings for maybe five recording programs, and it’s definitely the easiest to use for its price. Gosh if only I could have recorded myself when I first started playing online games. I was only twelve playing Team Fortress 2 and usually with my dad. Here‘s a video someone else recorded of a Traitor round I had a few years ago. I used to go by LaDy as my sort of gamer tag. I hope to be able to record my own videos soon!

Have you ever heard of something called Humble Bundle? Well it’s a way to get games safely and cheaply AND to support charities. I just bought another package of games and soundtracks for $5. They happen every now and then. Most definitely recommended.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Finished with work, and nothing exciting really happened. I did some research on the Speed and Direction of Upper Air, played with a few coding programs, and etcetera. Ta ta for now!

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