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Profanity, Obscenity, and Vulgarity

Tuesday, July 30th:

Reading an article on Stubborn Mule, I realized I never really knew the different between profanity, obscenity, and vulgarity. Whenever searching for a synonym for ‘curse word’, I’d use whichever popped in my head first. But, I don’t think of my English as gloriously unscathed, I know I mess up frequently, as do we all. Hell, I still say admitively as opposed to admittedly sometimes. Anyways, I now know that profanity is swearing drawing on religion, obscenity is swearing drawing on body party and sexual activity, and vulgarity covers both definitions. So, thanks Stubborn Mule, for furthering my knowledge in the realm of swearing.

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I was never meant to be a blogger. I may have mentioned this before, so I guess I truly mean it now. I’ve yet to update my post about camp, time in-between camp and my vacation, and my vacation. And well, now that tidbit of time after my vacation until now. Pretty big stuff happened, i.e.: I found a book that made me enjoy reading. If you know me, you’d know that I haven’t voluntarily started AND finished a book in quite awhile (let’s not get too detailed about how long, because that’d be quite embarrassing). By voluntarily, I’m disregarding required reading for English class and other various required material. ANYWAYS, I think to conserve my sanity, I’ll change my blog from being a daily/weekly posting, to when eventful things happen. Do you really want to read my posts that are very short and consist of mentioning what I ate for breakfast? I’ll assume not, unless you’re someone who’s invested in any detail, no matter how trivial, of my life. To that, I’d rather have you stay away from my life details.

I’m not sure if I’ll keep it up, but today’s song of the day is: Applejuice by Krazy Baldhead. I can’t find it on Youtube, so I’m hoping this Grooveshark link will work.

Well, back to work! I’ll update this later to tell of my ‘oh so mysterious’ package I received when I get home!

So my package was this iHome webcam I ordered not exactly on purpose. It was only $3 with shipping, and I do ❤ eBay. I also got a check from work in the mail, holla!

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