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pi     So, my dad’s been intensely into local politics for the passed few weeks . Christopher Ritter in Springboro, heard of him? Well, it’s kind of becoming a big deal, so go get knowledgeable: I admittedly didn’t share an interest in the political aspect, but he did spark a desire to blog about my own summer and of coming events. Also my stepmother, usually referred to as Katie Jo, regularly keeps up with blogs and has made me slightly jealous when she champions other young bloggers. I hope to have mine become a regular read for some people!

     My name is Sierra Ritter and I will be a senior (woo!) at Springboro this upcoming year, and this is a project to hopefully count towards AP English credit since we need to write this 50 to 100 page (technically 25 to 50 front and back) journal. Also some awesome thing will be happening and have already happened, so here’s your chance to hear! Each day (or few, let’s get real, who has time or remembers to write daily over a summer break) I’ll tell of what happened. If it’s not interesting, then be prepared to hear detailed accounts of my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And if you haven’t noticed, I write how I talk. Of course I’ll edit and such, but this is by no means prestigious grammar.

You may be wondering why I have this titled as Be Rational, Get Real and have a photo preceding my introduction. I’m sort of a geek and a nerd in ways, as you’ll discover through this project. I love mathematics and statistics. ‘Be Rational, Get Real’ is an jumbled around math joke I adore. So, future thanks for reading!

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