Proclamation of Procrastination

I’m pretty certain that the more ‘on the fly’ my post titles are, the less sense they make. This one though, is speaking to the situation. Currently, I am inhabiting a cubby in the Lucille Library I have grown oh too fond of. I spend hours a day, everyday in here. It makes sense though, since my classes are all central/north campus while my dorm is south campus. That’s one down side to a large campus versus a smaller one: it can easily take twice as long to get from one side to the other side. I can’t complain too much; I love it here and I enjoy spending time in the library. Now if I have ever even looked at a book or not is besides the point. It’s like a café, you decide whether or not to get a coffee, then camp for some hours.

Anyways, so tonight and tomorrow I have exams. Not just any exams, but the exams of the hardest classes I have. I won’t shrug off calculus and CIS as easy, but they don’t give me as much stress as chemistry and CS do. Just to make sure the acronyms make sense: CIS 112 is my english/communications class and CS 115 is my intro to programming class. Before I had my CS class, I’d proudly claim that I knew some coding due to my internship where I coded with R to work on a specific mathematical task that I can’t exactly divulge about. In the class, we use Python. Given it is the most remedial class when it comes to programming, I thought it’d be an easy A. I was quickly proved otherwise.

So now we’re back to the task at hand: I finished my homework and projects for the week in order to leave the remaining time for studying. As a student of engineering, I also quickly learned that “free time” is a myth. Even though I spend hours a day working to keep up and possibly work ahead, I still always feel like I’m not doing enough. So I’m golden when it comes to homework for the week, but I haven’t devoted much to any time for my exams. Terrifying, right? Well, guess I better start on that now before I have to go to class again. Wish me luck!


One thought on “Proclamation of Procrastination

  1. “Even though I spend hours a day working to keep up and possibly work ahead, I still always feel like I’m not doing enough.”

    Sounds like you’re ready for the workforce!

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