Monthly Archives: November 2014

Proclamation of Procrastination

I’m pretty certain that the more ‘on the fly’ my post titles are, the less sense they make. This one though, is speaking to the situation. Currently, I am inhabiting a cubby in the Lucille Library I have grown oh too fond of. I spend hours a day, everyday in here. It makes sense though, since my classes are all central/north campus while my dorm is south campus. That’s one down side to a large campus versus a smaller one: it can easily take twice as long to get from one side to the other side. I can’t complain too much; I love it here and I enjoy spending time in the library. Now if I have ever even looked at a book or not is besides the point. It’s like a café, you decide whether or not to get a coffee, then camp for some hours.

Anyways, so tonight and tomorrow I have exams. Not just any exams, but the exams of the hardest classes I have. I won’t shrug off calculus and CIS as easy, but they don’t give me as much stress as chemistry and CS do. Just to make sure the acronyms make sense: CIS 112 is my english/communications class and CS 115 is my intro to programming class. Before I had my CS class, I’d proudly claim that I knew some coding due to my internship where I coded with R to work on a specific mathematical task that I can’t exactly divulge about. In the class, we use Python. Given it is the most remedial class when it comes to programming, I thought it’d be an easy A. I was quickly proved otherwise.

So now we’re back to the task at hand: I finished my homework and projects for the week in order to leave the remaining time for studying. As a student of engineering, I also quickly learned that “free time” is a myth. Even though I spend hours a day working to keep up and possibly work ahead, I still always feel like I’m not doing enough. So I’m golden when it comes to homework for the week, but I haven’t devoted much to any time for my exams. Terrifying, right? Well, guess I better start on that now before I have to go to class again. Wish me luck!