First Day of Classes at UK!

So it’s been pretty insane; barely spent time in my dorm insane. So writing I think will turn into an every now n then thing. Right now, I’m waiting for CIS 112 (a type of English) to begin in probably a minute. So, I’ll post this to prove I’m not given up this early, but I’ll get back to it after some class of the day.

SOOO just finished that class and got to the library. I will say, if I were for some reason to decide a college solely based on the library, I’d have still gone here (University of Kentucky). But, that English class. It’s more of a communications one, since it’s based around giving speeches and writing essays.

Few fun facts about that class:

1. No more than 30 students, I ball parked in between that and 20 total

2. It’s a M W F class (with no recitation of course) BUT apparently we won’t even meet most Fridays?!?! My professor said something about us having to do 10 hours of volunteering (which for someone who was in and lead a volunteering club in high school for 4 years AND love to volunteer, that’s no a problem to finish) and it’s delegated to be done on Fridays instead of class. I’m not quite sure of the ration of Fridays present and not, but given I only have one other class on Fridays this semester…that’s a pretty attractive fact she mentioned

3. She was so easy going: she went around the room asking our names/what we went by (yeah I decided to go by Cassady and stop being a chicken, but it’s been hard for my ‘friend’ to get used to that, and yes I’ll explain the quotes after awhile).

4. We decided our own technology policy…I piped up that back in high school I prefered it when teachers would let us have our phones n such out, and if we missed anything it was our own fault as long as we didn’t distract others. So, besides during speeches and group work which was also my idea, we can use our ‘cellular devices’

5. We did a silly ice breaker by getting into small groups and figuring out if we were to get front row seats to a concert, which would we choose individually, then as a group, then what song for that band/singer chosen by the group. #collegeicebreakers

All in all, I have a strong feeling that is going to be one of my favorite classes to attend, not for the material but for the class structure and professor. Speaking of professors, besides a thing I’m in called MathExcel which is led by a TA, all of my professors are female. Not sure what the odds of that are, especially since my major is like 95% males. I’m majoring in COE (Computer Engineering) if I never mentioned that. But, I have a speech to write for that class that’s 2-3 minutes long about some easy topic due Friday. But she did preface the class with an email to read this article, that I found somewhat interesting, so in case you were curious, I’ll link it here.

So it’s currently 2:24 PM and so I have to make my way to my next class (MA 193) in like 10 minutes, since it’s in a house outside of campus in a BFE caldesac. It doesn’t start until 3 but yeah..that goodness I don’t have another class flanking the time right before this. I mean, I plan to get a bike but geez I don’t want to ever feel the need I have to be late to a class.Luckily (ish) all of my classes have long grace periods in between, so I always can go to my dorm if I’d like to. But, to shave off some time I think I’ll make it a regular thing to go somewhere else instead of my dorm after WRD.

So this morning I walked from Taylor’s place with him and his friends/roommates to my first class (MA 113). It was nice getting escorts exactly to where I need to go. Then, roughly 2 hours later I had that CIS class, at 3 I have the MA 193 (yes, second math class), then lastly I have a computer science class (CS 115) at 6 to 7:40. That one is twice the length since I only have it twice a week and also since it doesn’t have a recitation. Wednesday’s are actually my craziest of days…yay for being half way done…

But, I have roughly 3 minutes until I leave so that’s all for now!

All right, so I’m back at my dorm and I can’t stop thinking about food! Kind of haven’t eaten today, but found this rad website that says where I can use WildCat Deals (using meal swipes at restaurants like Panda Express, Subway, etcetera). So that really cool website is here.

Well, just had MA 193/MathExcel and holy hell was it far. It’s like, on the opposite end of the campus in a very tiny house. But, wasn’t too bad besides the fact that no one can pronounce the TA’s name that is teaching or understand her.

P.s. So I never updated this, even though it’s a day or two later. So, uh, yeah here!


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