Return of the Sitch’

You’ll have to excuse how cheesy my naming convention is for posts n such, I usually just type whatever first comes to mind. So yesterday Andrea (aka Fish) and I went to King’s Island for our last Summer adventure. The lines were soo short that I think we rode too many too fast so ended up getting a bit sick and went home early. Still, glad we went and it was fun!

Right now, just adjusting my list for last minute things I need to get before I head off to college and of course listening to some Sifl & Olly, but on Season 2 now. And they recently played a parody of a song that is now stuck in my head..I admit I’m not usually a fan of Bon Jovi, but I looove this song ❤ But uh, going to IKEA HOPEFULLY soon, ciao for now B) I’ll put more goodness into this post later.


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