Just seemed like the most fitting for a title, but I didn’t exactly want to be too profane for the first return post. But, I decided to pick this back up as I make my way to college. So, today is Monday, and I leave for college move-in day this Friday. THIS FRIDAY. Actually just last (last?) weekend (the weekend that didn’t just finish, but one week prior to that) I went to a camp at my college. I’m attending The University of Kentucky, and majoring in Computer Engineering. This camp I had to apply for was UKLA: University of Kentucky Leadership Association is what I think the letters stood for. It taught leadership, team work, and the layout of the campus. It was only open to engineering and computer science major though. I was told between 80 and 120 applications were received, and they accepted 30. So, not too bad of odds! Especially since I was told that it was based on merit, clubs and activities, and how seemingly social the person is. 

INSERT: Would you like to utilize 6 hours and 40 minutes of your life? Well, the best way to do it is to click this fantastic link. #flashbackfriday monday Sifl & Olly mania ❤ #thisisyourlandlord #CRESCENTFRESH

I haven’t looked back to any posts to see the conventions I used to bold n such, so wingin’ it! Oh I do recall though linking a lot of Grooveshark things that I did. So here’s my playlist-in-progress that I’ve been loving on (just click on the word Grooveshark for some fantastic listens).

But, back on track with the college update…so I have roughly 90 to 95% of the stuff I needed to buy to bring with me to my dorm room. I don’t have a microwave or a minifridge since I can’t get a hold of my roommate. A few months ago when I first found out who it would be, I decided to text the number provided to me. It ended up being her mom, though. I didn’t find out much, but I did learn the name she goes by is Cy’mone and her dorm assignment has changed frequently. In the end she said she’d get Cy’mone to text me back. So I give it a few days to a answer. Then I decide to text her since her mom gave me the number. Still, no answer. So after some days I text them both…NOPE. My resolve was to then to text them every week until school starts. I’ve not texted this week though since last week was just question marks to both of them, and I’m not sure what to do next. #collegelyfe

INSERT: So I may have taken a break writing so I could do a bit of CS:GO causal. That’s the game I’ve been going ham on since sometime during senior year, can’t recall when. So if you play, ya know, you could add me on Steam and we could be friends…frag the innocent and knife fight the rich. I so wish you could download demos of casual games…cause seriously, that last game the two rounds where my ping was under 800 it looked like I had walls or something it was fantastic. Anyways, pardon the tangents, I’ll go back to explaining my peril with pre-college life. #csgo #mg2 #smurflyfe

RE-INSERT: Had to just force feed the dog. I know you’d love to hear about that. Poor thing has lung cancer so she’s not been herself since we got back from vacation in July. I wanted to have an ode to Friday here. This is the lovely face that everyone is going to miss.

So the first college predicament was the roommate issue, and the one I didn’t mention but is related, that I got into a dorm that wasn’t even on my choice list since it was the last place I wanted to get into. gg UK. The second, my schedule is completely insane. I have early morning classes and evening classes while I’m still not even in 2 of the 5 classes that I wanted. I’m still wait-listed, which is a collegiate way to say this is what you want but cannot have since you were the last orientation and get no choice in your schedule. So much fun right there. So basically I’ve learned and would like to relay some pro tips for those apply for college…

College Pro Tips:

1. Don’t apply to 15 colleges like I did…you’ll do much better by spending that time writing all of those essays by doing research on which colleges you think you actually may attend. And don’t completely worry about prices of colleges off of the bat.. For example, you’d think it’d be cheaper for me to attend an in-State school versus out-of-State, but UK was cheaper than nearly any school in-State because of scholarships I received. 

2. Make sure to know about the bigger programs you’d like to apply for while applying for the college. I applied to nearly every honors program at every college I applied to (so basically double the essays) and since I did too many, I missed a lot of deadlines. I didn’t think I’d end up going to UK, so I didn’t make it a priority to get those honors essays in, so I was late and didn’t make any of those programs. 

3. Make sure to get a tour of your college (start touring as soon as your school allows). I applied to a lot of out-of-State colleges that I knew I wouldn’t visit unless I had a serious thought about going there. So, I didn’t visit UK until I pretty much decided I was going there. So I missed out on a lot of information, such as there was an honors engineering program that I actually was qualified for with all of the necessary scores and grades, but since I heard about it too late, I couldn’t apply.

4. When you get accepted and are signing up for your orientation, sign up for the earliest orientation. Yes, it does matter. You’ll get last choice in classes the later you wait. Heed my’ll make a HUGE difference.

So far that’s all I’ve got for pre-college tips that I wish I knew before I started ever applying. I’ll add more tips the more that I learn! I actually have a Pinterest board for college. Some of it is tips for college that I’ve found, and some are room decor ideas. So check it out! #socrecentfresh

I think that’s all of what’s going on in the now…I may write a post about how my Summer went, but you commitment to blogging has been rather wavy. Ciao for now, readers!


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