Edge of Seventeen

I know I still have two months until I Ding! at 18, but this classic song popped up on my queue from my collection, so I figured I’d make it my song of the day.

Song of the Day: Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks

See, I’m not all pop/electro/indie, my taste can vary from coast to coast.

So I emailed my counselor a few days back to get my schedule for the next year fixed, and I had a pleasing surprise that he did it. Odd since during the school year I can never get anything done with him…but that’s what happens when your counselor is the head football coach and extremely busy, so I get it. No public hate happening here. Even though I adore Spanish, with the way our school system has been crumbling over the summer, I can’t take it. I took it my first three year, and I don’t think I ever got below a 94/95 in that class. It was definitely a grade booster, but many of the Spanish teachers have already left (including two of my favorites, Castro and Fulton) so SHS is not the place to continue that path. I replaced its spot with Accounting. I heard that’s not an awfully hard class, and hopefully since I’ve taken all of the math classes offered, between Accounting and AP Physics I can get a year of math in.

My schedule (since all of you are so curious of what I’m doing, but it also helps me keep track):

  1. AP Physics
  2. AP English
  3. Accounting
  4. CP Gov’t
  5. Photo II/Sculpture

I hope to have some friends in classes this year. The past year especially hasn’t been to kind in that regard. Sadly one of my best friends Andrea can’t possible have the same class as me (disregarding study hall and/or lunch) since hers is completely different. Madi, another friend of mine, will take Accounting, Photo II, and hopefully sculpture, so maybe we could be in the same class! Sydney’s taking my AP classes, so we could share those in common.

I felt like the biggest fat ass returning to work with lunch…here  I was, driving with my Wendy’s chowin down on some fries, and I pass this bicycler going uphill. I felt bad or him until I thought, “Oh wait, he’ll be working off calories, while I accumulate a few hundred+ and sit down in my office for a few more hours.” #trueAmerican.

I only have to write 10 more pages until I get the maximum summer writing extra credit! As I said, I’ll keep it going, but I need these pages done by…August 26th? My posts have recently been a page a day, so as long as I keep that up, I’ll be finished in a tad over a week. If I ever got to finishing my drafts and the camp post, I could easily be done. But you know me, procrastination at its best right here. Though I do wonder, when I have lists such as my schedule, if that’ll be all right that it’s not a solid block of text, yet shy of ten words taking the place of a short paragraph. Who knows. Anyways…

Oh! I changed my Gravatar. I’m a pro selfie taker, I swear. Someone could hire me to do them except well, selfies are taken by the person, so no photographer needed. That’d be some weird form of…something else, I don’t even know, not a selfie alright. Now I admit, I feel like I’m writing to write. What’s something fantastic worth reading…

Well, I’ve decided that my favorite (partial) Beatles song is While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Faaantastic stuff right there. I guess that’s all for now. See ya next post!

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