Android vs. Apple

I’m sort of a cell phone fanatic. I’ve always loves researching about them, comparing specs, reading about current, trending, and future phones. I was determined to personally evaluate phones to decide which was best for what sort of person. I’m not sure if it exists, but I’d like to make a “What phone are you?” quiz sometime with the things I’ve learned. I have come to the conclusion that Androids are for those who are more interested in customizing and personalizing their phones in every aspect. Androids are more open for manipulating. Apple, on the other hand, is more about ease. There’s no need to custom every feature down to what font your browser has. (Actually, that may be customizable for Apples, I haven’t had as much time to look at those.) But being that Apple has only one phone (the iPhone, of course), they can focus all their attention to it, instead of keeping up with all sort of phones.

So they both definitely have major advantages, and major disadvantages. This post won’t be about my complete research of the phone systems, since I’ve only had an iPhone for a few days. Yes, the package I oh so awaited was an iPhone I got off of eBay. Since the beginning of my smartphone life, I have been an Android girl. My background for a short while was an Android peeing on an Apple. (I actually still find it pretty funny.) But since my battery started its slow trek to death, I decided that I’d like to try an iPhone as my next phone. Months after purchasing my new Samsung Stratosphere, its quality sank. Before I did the switch,  my phone would turn off for long periods of time regularly, apps would crash more often than not, the speed of my phone could be described as slower than a turtle with it’s legs hog tied, and generally decreasing its usability. Maybe I should have waited for that new battery my dad ordered, or have done a hard reset, but with everything that was wrong with it, I figured it was too far gone to fix everything. My phone had technocancer, and I couldn’t save it. I did some research about its problems, and I found out that charging a phone all night every night can kill the battery. So I guess I kind of set this upon myself. It would die within a very short amount of hours, without even using it. The standby time was atrocious, so one could only imagine its usage time.

My months of browsing for a relatively cheap iPhone 4, 4S, or 5 had finally paid off. I saw one for a fantastic price with its given qualifications: it was unlocked, to be activated with Verizon, brand new besides a minor nick under the home button, white, 32 Gigs, etc. A trend I found, was that phones with its specs would go for $300 minimum, to $400 for the average. I’m really not sure why this one didn’t sky rocket…I read every detail, review of the seller, and any information I could get about it, and it seemed like the most pristinely conditioned iPhone for sale for its price. I followed it for a few days, along with a few more. The other’s prices would reach the numbers I stated, even though they were only 8-16 Gigs. So I set my heart on getting this one phone.


Funny, I was going to check the time left when I put in my last bids, since my next few sentences were going to be about how lucky I was to win, an an 8 Gig was just sold for $187.18, so my phone was really a great deal.

 I put my bid in was 10:51:38 PDT. Two bids were actually placed after mine. The value they bid was the same as mine, but they each had been placed at 10:51:48 PDT. Yes, I won the phone by 10 milliseconds. I was so immensely lucky, that I probably had squealed a little bit when I noticed that I won. I’m very happy with my purchase, and the seller did a fantastic job at shipping and accurate descriptions.

Today, I was curious what the error message for going to Grooveshark on the web browser was. When I went to the website, there was no error. I even tried to play a song, and it let me! So is Apple no longer blocking the website? Or did someone jailbreak my phone…? Either way, no complaining here. Now I can listen to anything I want!

Song of the DayHi Hey Hello by The Chicharones (This song became popular due to it being a promotional song for the Samsung Galaxy S4)

Playlist of the Day: 1002 Queue (A playlist I made today of SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artists)

One app I love, is Shazam. It can find nearly any song that you play for it. If it has troubles, Soundhound if also a great up for those pesky songs that won’t show up. It’s like Shazam, but you can sing, hum, or whatever is necessary to get the job done, and it’ll find it. If anyone can answer a question I have about Shazam, that’d rock my socks and I’ll love you. Question: Is it possible to directly move Shazam tags from a device such as a phone, to somewhere else such as another phone, or online? I hope so, I have a tooon of tags on my old phone that I wouldn’t mind eventually making into a playlist.

That’s all for today! Tomorrow I’ll get to tell you of my lunch visit with a few of my boss’s coworkers she thinks will have good advise for me as an aspiring math and technology geek. Ciao for now!

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