Rice Cakes

So uh, I expected not to get to writing about yesterday on time, since part of what I wanted to talk about happened very very late. So here goes~ Also, the title of Rice Cakes came from when I was talking to a friend of Skype. He was telling me of all the play on words people create for his last name (which is Rice). I thought that was a fantastic nickname, so thus my title was created!

Wednesday, June 19th:

Today is my only day off work this week, since tomorrow and Friday I’m taking half days instead of one full day. I woke up pretty late to a baby being loud (no he’s not mine, worry not). Besides going out to the movies, I have no other plans. About that…I don’t consider it a date. Would you with a guy from your school you’ve met via Facebook? I’m more into meeting in person before considering anything a date or dating. Anywho, his name’s Sam. It was cool to meet someone who’s as into video games as I am, and doesn’t seem awkwardly dorky. Though if you know me, I’m not into being catered or treating as a princess. I’m not going to diss at all, but that just isn’t my style. I like being treated as an equal, and I’m alright with being asked to make a sandwich for you. So our schedules mutually agree that tonight we’re both free. He comes to pick me up in his pretty snazzy car. He and my dad wait semi awkwardly at the door until it dawns on me an introduction would probably be nice. After, we make our way to the movies. We begin to learn a bit more about each other. We both adore cheesecake!

Oh, I forgot to mention, we’re going to see The Purge. We get in line and I notice a few people that I know. They’re kind of acquaintances so that I have the awkward decision on whether to pretend that I don’t notice them, or to say hey. I decide to go with pretending that I don’t notice them. When I get to paying for my ticket (made sure to so it wasn’t too obviously date-ish, but that didn’t take any effort since he didn’t offer either) and I get carded! Guess that’s to be expected for a rated R movie anyways. Luckily he is a guy that can keep a conversation going, until the movie starts of course. So movies start and ends. No awkward instances (yay). I kind of like it, I think it’s different from the usual thriller. He on the other hand, absolutely hated it. He’s not a guy that likes thriller/scary really at all. I was not aware of this. I was raised on horror, so this isn’t good. And after, he becomes really opinionated and talks about his interests, which is cool, but they just don’t align as I thought they would. He’s very much into Looney Toons, older cartoon, Christian dark metal or whatever that sort of metal is called, animated movies, and seemed nearly appalled at the fact that I’ve seen no Star Wars, Star Trek, or Lord of the Rings. Then again, a lot of people gasp at that. “You call yourself a nerd and/or a geek and you’ve never seen any of those?!?!?” No. I got into Caprica and Battlestar Galactica, what more could you want from me! Anyways to put this nicely, there was no clicking. He’s definitely a cool guy, just not for me.  Also, we for some reason got on the topic of rape. He thought for a second that the leader of the students who wanted to purge was going to rape the daughter. His opinion on the matter was that rape is much worse than death. So I make this kind of face. Am I weird for thinking committing death is worse? I know they’re both horrible things, but to me there’s no comparison. I don’t want to make it a would you rather sort of thing, but to me that was an awkward opinion. Welp, that’s how today went. Got home around midnight, did the usual Skyping, then slept away.

Today! (as in Thursday, the blog posted day is acting weird and saying it’s Friday):

So today. I had work, but it was only a half day, and it didn’t start until 1. The presentation I was working on at work isn’t finished, so I’ll have to link that later. It’s a presentation on Upper Air Climatology. I’m still working on finding a relationship between relative humidity and altitude. I’m sure going to want that Nobel Prize when I figure this out. During work, the community I game with was going absolutely nuts. There was some drama and the whole clan is splitting a lot are leaving. Also (as a little note to myself for later), I need to finish that presentation of course, create a template for Dayton Analytics, and uhh check email for whatever that last thing was.

So anyways, I got home, played with Baby Tyler until his poppy came to pick him up. At dinner, my dad said the greatest thing. “I almost went gay today, over ice cream.” He said it seemed so tasty that he almost cried. It was pistachio and honey flavored. Also, when I told him our cat was eating dog food, the response I was was, “+20 Dexterity”. So #rad.

Oh, and here’s a link to a video someone posted on the forums I thought was funny: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kSOD6EsEUs


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