Third Week of Summer

I promise I’ll get to posting once per day very, very soon. I was going to after this one, but this weekend was a little nuts. I am pleased to say that I noticed I have three followers plus my dad, so thanks guys! I think that’s pretty solid for not advertising this blog myself yet. This time I’m only covering four days other than today, so this post shouldn’t be as extravagantly long.

Thursday, June 13th:

Last day of work for the week! I use some of the knowledge I discovered yesterday to compile a PowerPoint: Are Altitude and Humidity Related. This is what I came up with after five minutes given the topic from Mandy:

Not finished reading, but from what I may be understanding…it seems quite obvious that no equation on those wikis or the ones I’m reading have an altitude/height factor, but I’m wondering if that wouldn’t be the case anyways. I mean like, I know that altitude doesn’t just vary in height, but also pressure. And even the most elementary of gas/weather equations such as what I learned (PV=nRT) has factors that change at different altitudes. So could maybe the temperature and/or pressure and/or volume make up for not knowing the height? Cause I mean those factors would be different based on location anyways, so it doesn’t seem like there could be a directly correlating equation. And if you make up for the height with the other factors, the location and altitude can be recorded to sort of add that variable. Also in the mentioned equation, it factors in mass (or moles or molecules if the equation is manipulated) and I read something that gave me an idea that may be far fetched:

“1) Relative Humidity is defined as a ratio of mole fraction of actual water vapor, to a mole fraction of water vapor that can be saturated in dry air, where the two values are obtained at the same temperature and pressure. Key word to focus is … Pressure.
2) Mole fraction values are obtained from water density values.
3) Water density values vary with atmospheric pressure”

So maybe humidity can be directly in that equation since relative humidity could be expressed as a mole if the equation is assumed taken at the possible, constant saturation in dry air. Kind of far fetched ideas, but hey, we experimenting!

I didn’t exactly cite or keep my presentation in MLA format, so no judging. But then again, this entire blog isn’t in the most prestigious grammar and format, so I assume any critic would have been scared off by now. I had a meeting with Mandy and during my dad showed up, so I was able to show off my progress after my third day of work!

Friday, June 14th:

After a week of work and King’s Island, I’m pretty worn out. I use this as an excuse to do nothing. One would probably get bored with today’s lack of events, but I love it. Pajama’s and minimal work all day, what working class citizen wouldn’t love an entire weekday to do this?

Saturday, June 15th:

The day before Father’s Day. A phone call from Andrea wakes me up, reminding me of the Family and Dog Fair in front of Dorothy Lane Market (DLM) she invited me to tag along with. I have roughly half an hour until she says she’ll be there, so I start rushing around. Turns out Friday (my gorgeous dog) is in heat, and therefore not able to go. I arrive to the parking lot and locate Andrea, just in time for a cake walk. She mentions that she has won a cake two years in a row, and I fear she jinxed it. As the barking ‘song’ ends, neither of us are winning. So what do we do? We go into DLM to purchase a cake. I find one that says Happy Father’s Day and rummage through to find a good one. Then, I spot a section of Maple Bacon Father’s Day cakes. Without a doubt, that’ll be my purchase. Maple bacon treats are to my family as Elvis was to music, it’d be humorous to think they wouldn’t love it. I drive the cake home to excitedly show Katie. She is very pleased to see it. Now I need to make a run to the grocery to get stuff to make for breakfast. I get home, and I know what sort of card I want to make for my dad: a Diablo III UI card specially designed for father’s day. Here‘s the main screenshot that I used in order to make my own. I’ll post a picture of my final copy when I can. I spend an hour or two working on it before it’s time for Andrea to come over and to go out to eat for Betsy’s birthday!

We head to the Mellow Mushroom. Weird restaurant name right? Well they have gourmet pizzas and similar food items. It’s a really relaxed, delicious place to go. My dad and Katie talk of their few trips to other locations and how this one very recently opened. If you’re into that food genre, I’d definitely recommend it. We mess around while eating the Tai Dye and Gourmet White pizzas. Though the Tai Dye was my choice, the Gourmet White was definitely my favorite of the two. The Tai Dye was just too sweet of a pizza for me. Betsy orders a Mint Julep, which I find ironic since I remember them in a book I read in class last year: The Great Gatsby (definitely a recommended read). After we eat, the waitress brings Betsy a delectable cookie that she shares with the rest of the females while my dad is in the bathroom. It hits and leaves the table before he returns as if it were never there. My dad, Andrea, and I go outside to wait for the rest of our party to leave. He wants to take a photo of us on Vine in front of the sign. I know basically nothing about that social media site, so I go along with it and he said we need to move around since it’s more of a video. Andrea and I embarrassingly dance around, as if we forgot we were being recorded. I see the end product and beg for it not to be released out into the public.

When we get home, we play D3 for a bit. My dad becomes infatuated with the cake. I most definitely hit it out of the park. Then I go upstairs to finish the card for my dad. I call one of my friends Danny (<<33) on Skype so he can keep me entertained for however long I have to stay up. Luckily he was willing to stay up all night if need be, even though I offered a few times that he doesn’t have to and he can go to sleep. I end up not finishing until 7 AM, and I planned on getting up at 9 AM in order to make breakfast…Yeah, so I definitely plan to take a nap during the day since the next day I have work.

Sunday, June 16th:

Happy Father’s Day, readers! I somehow wake two minutes before my alarm sounds at 9 AM to make breakfast. I get downstairs and immediately decide that I don’t need an entire hour…so I slowly walk up and down the stairs finding random tasks to do. 8:25 AM rolls around, and I need to get started or else I’ll be late. I ready the bacon, and the last two pieces I burn on purpose for Katie (she enjoys it that way, I promise). They end up nearly setting off the smoke alarm. I begin on the eggs, toast, and set the table. The adults trickle downstairs and I direct them away. I finish just a few minutes out of my allotted hour. He seemed to enjoy the card, though not as much as last night’s cake. Oh well, I plan on making another since I was quite pleased with the end result. After a shower, we game for a few hours. Betsy comes over and joins us in our gaming affairs. Around 5 PM I direly need a nap. It lasts until roughly 8 PM. I come downstairs for dinner and may have accidentally passed out afterwards for an hour…So it’s roughly 9 PM. I get Katie to approve cracking into her beautiful pie. Dream whip is used for it. It’s kind of custard like, with macerated fruit for flavor on top. It’s so fantastically fantastic, that I pack a piece for tomorrow for lunch. I spend the rest of the night watching Katie and my dad play D3, then watching Betsy get killed in Spore. Sleep is readily welcomed.

Monday, June 17th:

My first post that’s actually posted on the day of me writing it! Pretty proud of that. My verb tenses were probably awkward at times, since I tried to pretend that what I wrote was current. So right now, I’m at work. I ate that piece of pie I brought, and sadly I’m out of any water or other drinkable substances. But, I’ll be going home in roughly 20 minutes! Today has been kind of an awkward work day…I couldn’t exactly get ahold of Mandy to give me stuff to work on. It’s not really like I could have been a productive little intern and worked on my own, since the thing blocking my progression was something I could not create. She was really busy with taxes and traveling this passed weekend/this morning, so I spent my time reading my PowerPoint, doing a small bit of research on R, aaand blogging. If I didn’t have so much time today, then this blog probably wouldn’t have become up to date. I emailed her let her know that I couldn’t be too productive, but she said it was all right. I also got to updating my Gravatar. I edited my bio to be like the bio that Mandy will put up on the Dayton Analytics site. Something today that popped in my email box I thought I’d share: Top Colleges for Harry Potter Fans. The more up to date my blog is, the more random stuff I’ll post such as that last link. I did also want to add, if you have a Steam account, feel free to add me! Well, all that really is in store for me for the rest of the night is probably some gaming and some sleeping. If anything else radical needs to be shared, then I’ll be updating this post. Until then!

P.S. If you know of a really good weather station with an anemometer and data logging that has a sensor included, can be mounted, and is under $200, maybe $300, let me know!

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