Second Week of Summer

So I’ve still been pretty bad at updating this daily like my goal is to soon. So here’s the run down of my second week’s events:

Wednesday, June 5th – Friday, June 7th:

STILL very lazy and full of not being productive. One day I did visit Andrea to do some studying for what’s coming tomorrow…

Saturday, June 8th:

TODAY IS THE ACT! Yeah I admit that I didn’t prepare as much as I should have.

All right, so the ACT is over. The last time that I took it, my scores were: Science(27), English(27), Reading(29), Math(34), and Writing(7). The science (as agreed upon by both Andrea and I) was a heck of a lot harder than it was last time. Writing, English, and Reading were roughly the same while Math was a bit harder. Overall, I admit I don’t think I did as well. I guess we’ll have to wait three to four weeks and see!

I get home and try to figure out what I’m going to do for the rest of the day. Andrea and I have been talking about going on a little shopping adventure to the mall, but currently she’s busy shopping for new kitten hardware: litter box, food, toys, etcetera. Katie comes down and mentions that she wants to go. So I text Andrea saying that we could meet up or something, but I’m going with Katie if she can’t tag along. She can’t so after an hour and a half waiting for Katie to finish getting ready, we’re off to the mall and Plato’s Closet.

We first go to Bath and Body Works to look for Father’s Day smell-goods. With the buy three get two free deal, Katie says we can each get something also. After much self-debate, I go with Malibu Heat. It smells just like Summer, perfect as a seasonal perfume. Next, we go to Old Navy. Now usually I don’t go into that store since it’s not known for being the most stylish, but I’m looking for more of basics anyways. Katie finds some things for dad and I get some basic, soft, V-necks and a few $5 running shorts. After that, I know I want to go and look at American Eagle (which is ironic since I used to be quite against the preppy place) and Katie pops a few doors down into a candle shop. American Eagle was having this fantastic sale, where I got 3 shirts for $5 to $7.50 each. Then we make our last stop to J C Pennies. Our efforts for more Father’s Day gifts there were futile, so we head on out. But on the way out, I notice Regis’s Buy One, Get Two Free Sale. Luckily I found something similar to what I was running out of, so we each got something and one thing that we’d mutually enjoy.

Our next stop after the mall was Plato’s Closet. Katie and I peruse the dress and shorts sections. During our search, we notice cops, but we go about our business since we can’t exactly tell what’s going on. I lucked out and found many dresses that were priced well and very cheap. Coming here was the main point of our outing since at this time, clearance items were 75% off. Katie didn’t luck out as much, as she only really found one thing that tickled her fancy. While we cash out, the employee starts to fill us in on why the police were here. Apparently, a group of people attempted to steal clothing and move around tags so that they ‘save’ money. The employee, herself, was pretty pleased since she was able to catch someone trying to put their stuff back before the cops had noticed. They had been there for a good hour or two. Not too sure about the time since our trip seemed to take place outside of time until while in the dressing room I was informed that it was five ’till nine.

When I get home, it feels like it’s been a day or two since I’ve taken the ACT rather than the same day. So the rest of the night was a chill out night playing video games.

Sunday, June 9th:

Again, nothing productive really was done today. But tomorrow is my first day of work, so I guess I’ll talk about that as today’s post. So a month back roughly Katie and her cousin Mandy were hanging out and got to talking about me. Katie mentioned the opportunities that INTERalliance had provided me with as far as internships, but that I hadn’t taken any. Mandy started mentioning that maybe I could work for her. After a while, that developed into that I would work for her. I was ecstatic since I would be getting to have a serious internship for someone in the family.

Monday, June 10th:

My first day of work is today. Katie gave me $5 last night to grab some Timbits on the way to work to share with Mandy. When I head out, it’s raining cats and dogs out. I grab the coupons and make my way to Tim Horton’s. There’s quite a line there, so I decide to go in. It’d be easier anyways with these coupons. When I go inside, an old lady awaits my order. It couldn’t have been more of a complicated tasks. The few questions I had, she didn’t know the answer to. And the few questions I should have been prepared to answer, I didn’t (i.e. Do I want creamer and sugar in my coffee?). I allotted a good 10 minutes to be there and to be able to arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to work (a good precedence to set on a first day). This lady and I end up taking 20 minutes. So I flee to my car and drive the last leg of the short trip.  When I arrive, I notice a car directly in front of me also turning into WYCO (the location of my office). It’s Mandy! Humorously, she also has Timbits in hand. We briefly mention the irony and proceed to go in. I walk in and notice a handful of mostly familiar faces peering at me. It’s Ruth and Charlie (Mandy’s parents) and a guy named Tim. He’s a very friendly, humorous fellow I was told that worked there when Kathy (Katie’s mother) did for a short while. I feel slightly awkward and out of place, so I wait for Mandy’s cue to walk down the hall to where my office was. She guides me to the end of the hallway and into a very sizeable room for a teenager’s office. Needing to fetch the computer and accoutrements, I wait in MY office for Mandy to make a run out to her car. She returns and we set up what is to be my work desktop. It’s adorably small. Cords, pencils, pens, and a mini stapler and a pair of scissors fly about the desk. I completely neglected to bring any décor or my own utensils. We sit down and she begins to fill me in on her plan. The goal of my ‘kinternship’ is to devise graphs, best-fit lines, and more all using a programing language called R. It seems very similar to what languages I’ve seen so far, such as LUA, GIT, C++, and more. 11:30 AM rolls around, and we all go out for lunch. Pisanello’s is where we go and take roughly an hour, good food though. Then straight back to work we go. Sadly Mandy has to leave me to do work of her own soon. So she gives me a task: I need to try to use R to import data from the University of Wyoming’s weather information, and try to code a graph. After hours of trying to understand this basically completely new language, it works! Here’s the prototype. It looks very simplistic but hey, all I was given was a virtual manual compiled combines to a few hundred pages, and the R console. What’s that? You want to see a screen shot of what the nuts it all looks like to make? Well here’s the cleaned up desktop view. More pictures are sure to come your way, Reader. Unfortunately I didn’t have much musical entertainment since I only have my phone due to the lack of speakers. Here’s a link to my fantastic musical preferences. After work, I drove home and guess what I did. I hopped on D3 and Garry’s Mod!

Tuesday, June 11th:

So I’m kind of set to work today, but after talking to Andrea for awhile, today really was the only day that we could go to King’s Island for nearly a week! That’s kind of a lot when we haven’t been in about a week anyways. So last night I texted Mandy and she said that it was alright if I changed my schedule this week from Monday, Tuesday, Thursday to Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. She was all right with that, so off to King’s Island we go! Andrea’s dad offers to take us both ways since he wants to go anyways. We get to the parking lot and I ask Andrea if I could have my pass to get in. She digs and digs and it’s nowhere to be found…so I start to freak out a bit wondering if she would find it, if it was gone, if I would have to buy a new one, what her dad would think of me and her not knowing where it was, how I would get the pass to me if they don’t let me in, and much more worry. Her dad did seem quite mad, but we decide that the best course of action would be to go to the gate and ask if I could just somehow prove myself. I didn’t even have my license, so I was pretty worried that it wouldn’t work. Andrea’s father and a worker talk for a bit, while he peers back at me each time he’s asked out to spell my name or what my last name is. A few moments later, he’s handed a ticket and I can get it. I felt so immensely lucky since technically I didn’t come with any proof of who I am.

Then we all make our way to the wave pool of choice. The smallest locker is $16 no matter how long you use it, so we forgo that. Andrea, Zach (her little brother), and I quickly prance to the water due to the ground being so hot. When we get to the water, I once again timidly enter. Andrea taunts me to follower her at faster pace. So, me being me, I run as fast I can and pounce on her, causing us both to crash into the pool. We mess around and splash each other until we make our way to the end of the pool. This is where the most intense waves are.

After awhile, the life guards start to freak out. Apparently some kid started bleeding out of somewhere, so the pool is temporarily closed now. Andrea decides we should let her dad have a chance to get into the water anyways. He turns down the offer for now since he’s working on some things. (Her dad is a rocket scientist, pretty cool right?) Then we go off to the not-so-lazy river. Technically I guess it is considered the “Splash River“, so you go in expecting to get wet. We make a couple rounds before deciding we’d check the main wave pool again. Zach dashes in the fully occupied pool. Andrea and I spend a while attempting to located shays for us to lie out on. She spots one under an umbrella, so I dive off to ask the nearby lady if I could use it. She nods her head, so I return back with my trophy of success. I stand watch, prepared to snatch the next free one I can see. By this time, it’s just Andrea and I catching some sun. Eventually I locate one and we lay out, as calm as can be.

The sun stretches longer across the sky, a silent reminder that our day is soon to conclude. (I like that little phrase, so I decided to make it BOLD). Andrea attempts to reach her mother to ask if she could pick us up since her dad announced that we were to leave by 5:00 PM. No luck. I decide to ask Katie to see if she could pick up. She happily says yes, but that I owe her one. This made me slightly nervous…but I exclaim deal! So we bask out in the sun awhile longer. Eventually her dad and brother have to leave, and we walk them out before proceeding to the train. Of course our timing is just enough off that we missed it. The walk back to the amusement park seemed barely longer than the train ride, and we got to see a whole new view of the park. The mini entrance gate put us back into a part of the Kid’s Zone that we weren’t even aware led to the water park.

We make our usual coaster and arcade rounds. After many game analyses on my likelihood of winning, Andrea withers me down, and I play a mini basketball game. My nerves are a little on end, since losing will come at quite the statistical cost. I played this game last year and won Andrea a stuffed dog. Also I have a year of playing basketball for my school under my belt. So what happens after three shots? I missed them all. That feeling of utter defeat washes over me.

We take the entire day slowly, as if we actually acknowledge this time that our trips to King’s Island aren’t annual. It’s awesome. The day’s true end draws nearly, so we quickly talk about which ride will conclude tonight. The line for the Diamond Back was atrocious. Andrea pipes up that the Wind Seeker is the next best choice. My fear of heights prevents maximum enjoyment of the ride, but I kind of like it. We get in line to ride it. The line for the ride cuts off right before us…what timing. The fireworks haven’t yet started, so we count that as luck. As we rise up 301 feet, the fireworks still haven’t kicked off yet. We race back in line, in hopes of making the next ride. We miss it by mere people. As they work their way up, a bang is heard. The fireworks have began (begun?). Though we didn’t get to be in the ride that was timed perfectly with the nightly fireworks, we did get to be on the last ride of the night. The park is deserted as we head for the pick-up zone.  When I get home, I hastily crash into my bed.

Wednesday, June 12th:

Work again. Admittedly, I woke up late and got into work a tad late. Really all I have assigned to me today is to read thirty something pages of this R manual. The notes I took look insane! I may upload them later.

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