First Week of Summer

All right, so here’s post numero dos. Technically my summer began almost a week ago, so I’ll give you the word on what’s happened so far. Fair warning, this post will be lengthy!

Wednesday, May 29th:

Today begins the end of junior year. I have to take two finals: AP Statistics and Sociology. I’ve been sort of lazy this year when it comes to studying. Last year, I’d spend hours of days studying for finals since I knew their grades would always be lower than my accumulative grade. This year, I did study. It just was sort of pitiful. I am pleased that on a final I took this passed Thursday went pretty well. I took my AP Calculus exam and I got a 95%! Best exam grade I’ve received thus far (excluding art classes which take effort to not get a 100%). I admit I’m pretty cocky about how the Soc one will be since my best friend Andrea did warn me of what was to come. And with the Stats one, math exams are usually pretty easy so I didn’t give it much time to prepare for.

So I’ve taken the Soc exam, and I think I did pretty well. I did have one of those moment where you know a fact very well, but you begin to second guess it. I ended up second guessing it until I swapped my answer on two nearly identical questions. I looked it up in the book and of course my second guessing ended up hurting me so those are wrong now. Oh well, it wasn’t too rough of an exam. We’re watching Youtube videos on the projector since everyone has finished the exam and we have 30-40 minutes left until the bell rings. One video was some Skype laughing train, and I don’t know how anyone could resist to laugh. **bell rings** Only fifteen minutes until my next exam!

All right, so I just finished the Stats exam and holy crap that was hard. Would I go as far as to say that was my hardest exam ever? Yes. The few days preceding today Mr. Rowe (my Statistics teacher) warned us to study the different types of tests. That is what I studied for what little I actually did study. The majority of the test covered every other facet of the semester. My fault really for not preparing for that possibility. I found it ironic the math class I found harder (Calculus) had a hell of a lot easier exam than this class which I found pretty easy. It was one of those classes that you kind of expected to get 100s on tests and quizzes. The final grade I had at the end of fourth quarter teetered on a 107 to 108% in the class, a pretty obvious sign of ease. If anyone reading this plans on taking that exam…STUDY STUDY STUDY.

So what does this mean now? SUMMER’S HERE! My finals and everything are done. Tomorrow Andrea and I plan on going to King’s Island for the first time this summer. We couldn’t be more excited!

After the exams, Andrea and my other friend Madi decide to go out for brunch. Madi tells us about this fantastic little place in the heart of Franklin. It kinda worries Andrea and I, but we go for it. Until my GPS is able to locate it, I take the long, scenic way around to Franklin. We cruise through the sketch part of the city, and end up having to take a little break to figure out where this little place. So we get to it, and it’s gorgeous. It looks like a little restaurant in some European country cut out and placed near a Wal-Mart. Madi and I decide to share a spinach and artichoke dip and a delicious roma tomato pizza. Andrea orders a cheese pizza. Make no mistake though, our pizzas may sound simplistic, but they were divine. We converse about the rest of our day’s plans. I need to go pick up some blankets that were taken from a volunteering event, Relay for Life, that Andrea and I worked last Saturday/Sunday. So Andrea and I go to Carol (our volunteering club’s adult coordinator)’s office on Main Street with Madi following. After we talk about what we should do next. Andrea and I are sharing the same idea: that we want to go back to my place and kill some zombies in L4D2. So I propose the idea that we separate ways for awhile, then go to Andrea’s for a virgin drink and sun tanning at the pool. Andrea comes back with me to my house, and Katie asks us what we want for dinner/dessert. Andrea pipes up that skewers of chicken and pineapple sound amazing. So I add that I’d like some sort of pasta noodle and pineapple upside-down cake. Due to our specific order, we make a trip to the grocery store. When we return home, we begin our zombie massacre. Now Andrea isn’t as intense as a gamer as am I, but she’ll go nuts when given a virtual machete, frying pan, or a gun. In the game, there’s this zombie called a witch. The point of this one is that once disturbed, she runs at you knocking you on the ground and takes all your health. Andrea’s made it a thing to attack them instead of avoiding which is the usual tactic. She’s miraculously been lucky enough to never be incapacitated by the witch. After a few rounds we make our way to her house. I take a quick 5 to 10 minute nap until Madi arrives. Once she’s here, we all hightail our way to the pool. We swim for awhile until the next whistle is blown. Then we tan. Laying out in the sun with a couple of friends can be one of the most relaxing things ever. We do that for awhile then Andrea and I meet back at my house for our planned sleepover. We hungrily consume our meals, and assume positions on the couch. I turn on netflix to a show that I can’t even recall. Wednesday soon comes to a conclusion and then…

Thursday, May 30th:

It’s our first full day of summer! I wake up and briskly shake Andrea to wake up. I rush up to my room to take a shower with some very loud, happy singing. When I finish getting ready, I run downstairs to fully greet her. She’s awake and ready. When the clock strikes 9:20 AM we pack ourselves and our accoutrements into the car. 9:21 AM, we’re ready for take off! But wait! Apparently we’ll need gas…meh, it can wait. Windows down, the sun shining warmly onto our excited selves, summer at last. Once we’re in Mason, I decide it’s time we get gas. While I’m pumping the gas, I remember something…I forgot my phone. As being a cellular addict, I know it’ll be rough to go 11 hours without my phone. Well, it’s too late now, our trip has already started. Gas? Check. Passes? Check. Sunglasses? Awh yeah check. We are ready.

We see it peaking around the buildings and hills. King’s Island! A giddy feeling flows up my spine, giving me chills. Excitement exponentially increases and distance decreases. We have waited for this day for what feels like years.

King’s Island at last. Andrea and I rush up to the front gate. We each hand our passes to the gate instructors (?) as we exchange glances of joy. As we’re accepted, we rush in. We look around as a man sprints up to us and insists on taking our photo. Kindly accepting, we take our ticket and dash down the street. The air is moist with humidity and gentle spray of the nearby fountains. After little conversion, it is decided that The Beast will be our first roller coaster of the year. The lines are surprisingly not too long. We make our rounds from coaster to coaster with intermittent snacks of soft pretzels and dip-n-dots. Eventually both of us decide that it’s time to head off to the water park.

It’s as if the train decided to wait for us, for when we get there, there are empty rows we splay out onto. The new wave pool is our next destination. We quickly sheer our clothes off and skip into the water. It’s absolutely freezing. I slowly wade in while Andrea makes a B-line for the depths as she calls back to me calling me a chicken. Nope, I am no chicken. So I chase after her. While we bob in the water infested with other young swimmers, a boy calls out at me. He tells me that we waited in line for The Beast next to each other. Cool. Andrea and I continue to mess around until I decide the waves are enough. We bask out in the sun at the slope of the pool. Floating and laughing, time seems to stand still.

Eventually we decide it’s time for another small snack and that we should make our way back to the park. When I get out, I notice that my butt burns. I peer down and I have a burn from rubbing against the bottom of the pool. Andrea has one also. I try to put a little sunscreen on it to prevent it from getting any sun that may worsen it. Bad idea. It felt like rubbing vinegar on it. After motionlessly contorting my face, the pain subsides. We dress ourselves and make way to the train. Of course it leaves as soon as we come up. Oh well, time to visit the concession shop. Both of us end up purchasing Cheddar Chex Mix, mmmmm. The next train ironically arrives seconds later, so we board it.

With the heat, we visit a few arcades. Our first one lands us a free forty-five tickets richer, so we scavenge other arcades for more lonely tickets to no avail. Andrea decides she can no longer resist the claw machine’s temptations. Luckily, she wins a cute little raccoon animal that we take on The Monster.

Our day concludes with various roller coaster riding. The Beast is the last coaster we ride. Our first day at King’s Island began and ended with The Beast. The sun began to fall and the moon began to rise as there is a mass exodus out of the theme park. We get back to the car and proceed homebound. A fantastic day if I do say so myself.

Friday, May 31st:

Today is uneventful, really just a day of rest. It’s full of sleep and video gaming. Nothing productive or memorable really happened. We did decide that we’re going to King’s Island tomorrow though!

Saturday, June 1st:

Best way to end a night at King’s Island with a best friend…

So Andrea and I are waiting in line for the Diamondback trying to time it so we can see the fireworks mid-ride. After a few lightning strikes and announcements calling for delays…, we decide to wait it out. We get to the platform and everyone’s just messing around since there’s only like 10 or so people left waiting. After a long wait and a new worker friended, the announcement comes…”All clear!” The few KI visitors and some workers hop on the last ride of the night. At the top of the first hill, fireworks appear. And to top of the fun and crazy night, we go to see our fantastic coaster photos. A few guys are using their phones to take pictures of their ride photos. One worker (soon followed by another) start screaming at the men to stop taking photos. What makes the situation? Both men are actually deaf.

That’s how you end the best Kings Island night.

~Sierra Ritter via Facebook

Sunday, June 2nd – now:

Very lazy and full of not being productive. Oh well, I think I deserve this staying low time.

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