Proclamation of Procrastination

I’m pretty certain that the more ‘on the fly’ my post titles are, the less sense they make. This one though, is speaking to the situation. Currently, I am inhabiting a cubby in the Lucille Library I have grown oh too fond of. I spend hours a day, everyday in here. It makes sense though, since my classes are all central/north campus while my dorm is south campus. That’s one down side to a large campus versus a smaller one: it can easily take twice as long to get from one side to the other side. I can’t complain too much; I love it here and I enjoy spending time in the library. Now if I have ever even looked at a book or not is besides the point. It’s like a café, you decide whether or not to get a coffee, then camp for some hours.

Anyways, so tonight and tomorrow I have exams. Not just any exams, but the exams of the hardest classes I have. I won’t shrug off calculus and CIS as easy, but they don’t give me as much stress as chemistry and CS do. Just to make sure the acronyms make sense: CIS 112 is my english/communications class and CS 115 is my intro to programming class. Before I had my CS class, I’d proudly claim that I knew some coding due to my internship where I coded with R to work on a specific mathematical task that I can’t exactly divulge about. In the class, we use Python. Given it is the most remedial class when it comes to programming, I thought it’d be an easy A. I was quickly proved otherwise.

So now we’re back to the task at hand: I finished my homework and projects for the week in order to leave the remaining time for studying. As a student of engineering, I also quickly learned that “free time” is a myth. Even though I spend hours a day working to keep up and possibly work ahead, I still always feel like I’m not doing enough. So I’m golden when it comes to homework for the week, but I haven’t devoted much to any time for my exams. Terrifying, right? Well, guess I better start on that now before I have to go to class again. Wish me luck!


First Day of Classes at UK!

So it’s been pretty insane; barely spent time in my dorm insane. So writing I think will turn into an every now n then thing. Right now, I’m waiting for CIS 112 (a type of English) to begin in probably a minute. So, I’ll post this to prove I’m not given up this early, but I’ll get back to it after some class of the day.

SOOO just finished that class and got to the library. I will say, if I were for some reason to decide a college solely based on the library, I’d have still gone here (University of Kentucky). But, that English class. It’s more of a communications one, since it’s based around giving speeches and writing essays.

Few fun facts about that class:

1. No more than 30 students, I ball parked in between that and 20 total

2. It’s a M W F class (with no recitation of course) BUT apparently we won’t even meet most Fridays?!?! My professor said something about us having to do 10 hours of volunteering (which for someone who was in and lead a volunteering club in high school for 4 years AND love to volunteer, that’s no a problem to finish) and it’s delegated to be done on Fridays instead of class. I’m not quite sure of the ration of Fridays present and not, but given I only have one other class on Fridays this semester…that’s a pretty attractive fact she mentioned

3. She was so easy going: she went around the room asking our names/what we went by (yeah I decided to go by Cassady and stop being a chicken, but it’s been hard for my ‘friend’ to get used to that, and yes I’ll explain the quotes after awhile).

4. We decided our own technology policy…I piped up that back in high school I prefered it when teachers would let us have our phones n such out, and if we missed anything it was our own fault as long as we didn’t distract others. So, besides during speeches and group work which was also my idea, we can use our ‘cellular devices’

5. We did a silly ice breaker by getting into small groups and figuring out if we were to get front row seats to a concert, which would we choose individually, then as a group, then what song for that band/singer chosen by the group. #collegeicebreakers

All in all, I have a strong feeling that is going to be one of my favorite classes to attend, not for the material but for the class structure and professor. Speaking of professors, besides a thing I’m in called MathExcel which is led by a TA, all of my professors are female. Not sure what the odds of that are, especially since my major is like 95% males. I’m majoring in COE (Computer Engineering) if I never mentioned that. But, I have a speech to write for that class that’s 2-3 minutes long about some easy topic due Friday. But she did preface the class with an email to read this article, that I found somewhat interesting, so in case you were curious, I’ll link it here.

So it’s currently 2:24 PM and so I have to make my way to my next class (MA 193) in like 10 minutes, since it’s in a house outside of campus in a BFE caldesac. It doesn’t start until 3 but yeah..that goodness I don’t have another class flanking the time right before this. I mean, I plan to get a bike but geez I don’t want to ever feel the need I have to be late to a class.Luckily (ish) all of my classes have long grace periods in between, so I always can go to my dorm if I’d like to. But, to shave off some time I think I’ll make it a regular thing to go somewhere else instead of my dorm after WRD.

So this morning I walked from Taylor’s place with him and his friends/roommates to my first class (MA 113). It was nice getting escorts exactly to where I need to go. Then, roughly 2 hours later I had that CIS class, at 3 I have the MA 193 (yes, second math class), then lastly I have a computer science class (CS 115) at 6 to 7:40. That one is twice the length since I only have it twice a week and also since it doesn’t have a recitation. Wednesday’s are actually my craziest of days…yay for being half way done…

But, I have roughly 3 minutes until I leave so that’s all for now!

All right, so I’m back at my dorm and I can’t stop thinking about food! Kind of haven’t eaten today, but found this rad website that says where I can use WildCat Deals (using meal swipes at restaurants like Panda Express, Subway, etcetera). So that really cool website is here.

Well, just had MA 193/MathExcel and holy hell was it far. It’s like, on the opposite end of the campus in a very tiny house. But, wasn’t too bad besides the fact that no one can pronounce the TA’s name that is teaching or understand her.

P.s. So I never updated this, even though it’s a day or two later. So, uh, yeah here!

Return of the Sitch’

You’ll have to excuse how cheesy my naming convention is for posts n such, I usually just type whatever first comes to mind. So yesterday Andrea (aka Fish) and I went to King’s Island for our last Summer adventure. The lines were soo short that I think we rode too many too fast so ended up getting a bit sick and went home early. Still, glad we went and it was fun!

Right now, just adjusting my list for last minute things I need to get before I head off to college and of course listening to some Sifl & Olly, but on Season 2 now. And they recently played a parody of a song that is now stuck in my head..I admit I’m not usually a fan of Bon Jovi, but I looove this song ❤ But uh, going to IKEA HOPEFULLY soon, ciao for now B) I’ll put more goodness into this post later.


Just seemed like the most fitting for a title, but I didn’t exactly want to be too profane for the first return post. But, I decided to pick this back up as I make my way to college. So, today is Monday, and I leave for college move-in day this Friday. THIS FRIDAY. Actually just last (last?) weekend (the weekend that didn’t just finish, but one week prior to that) I went to a camp at my college. I’m attending The University of Kentucky, and majoring in Computer Engineering. This camp I had to apply for was UKLA: University of Kentucky Leadership Association is what I think the letters stood for. It taught leadership, team work, and the layout of the campus. It was only open to engineering and computer science major though. I was told between 80 and 120 applications were received, and they accepted 30. So, not too bad of odds! Especially since I was told that it was based on merit, clubs and activities, and how seemingly social the person is. 

INSERT: Would you like to utilize 6 hours and 40 minutes of your life? Well, the best way to do it is to click this fantastic link. #flashbackfriday monday Sifl & Olly mania ❤ #thisisyourlandlord #CRESCENTFRESH

I haven’t looked back to any posts to see the conventions I used to bold n such, so wingin’ it! Oh I do recall though linking a lot of Grooveshark things that I did. So here’s my playlist-in-progress that I’ve been loving on (just click on the word Grooveshark for some fantastic listens).

But, back on track with the college update…so I have roughly 90 to 95% of the stuff I needed to buy to bring with me to my dorm room. I don’t have a microwave or a minifridge since I can’t get a hold of my roommate. A few months ago when I first found out who it would be, I decided to text the number provided to me. It ended up being her mom, though. I didn’t find out much, but I did learn the name she goes by is Cy’mone and her dorm assignment has changed frequently. In the end she said she’d get Cy’mone to text me back. So I give it a few days to a answer. Then I decide to text her since her mom gave me the number. Still, no answer. So after some days I text them both…NOPE. My resolve was to then to text them every week until school starts. I’ve not texted this week though since last week was just question marks to both of them, and I’m not sure what to do next. #collegelyfe

INSERT: So I may have taken a break writing so I could do a bit of CS:GO causal. That’s the game I’ve been going ham on since sometime during senior year, can’t recall when. So if you play, ya know, you could add me on Steam and we could be friends…frag the innocent and knife fight the rich. I so wish you could download demos of casual games…cause seriously, that last game the two rounds where my ping was under 800 it looked like I had walls or something it was fantastic. Anyways, pardon the tangents, I’ll go back to explaining my peril with pre-college life. #csgo #mg2 #smurflyfe

RE-INSERT: Had to just force feed the dog. I know you’d love to hear about that. Poor thing has lung cancer so she’s not been herself since we got back from vacation in July. I wanted to have an ode to Friday here. This is the lovely face that everyone is going to miss.

So the first college predicament was the roommate issue, and the one I didn’t mention but is related, that I got into a dorm that wasn’t even on my choice list since it was the last place I wanted to get into. gg UK. The second, my schedule is completely insane. I have early morning classes and evening classes while I’m still not even in 2 of the 5 classes that I wanted. I’m still wait-listed, which is a collegiate way to say this is what you want but cannot have since you were the last orientation and get no choice in your schedule. So much fun right there. So basically I’ve learned and would like to relay some pro tips for those apply for college…

College Pro Tips:

1. Don’t apply to 15 colleges like I did…you’ll do much better by spending that time writing all of those essays by doing research on which colleges you think you actually may attend. And don’t completely worry about prices of colleges off of the bat.. For example, you’d think it’d be cheaper for me to attend an in-State school versus out-of-State, but UK was cheaper than nearly any school in-State because of scholarships I received. 

2. Make sure to know about the bigger programs you’d like to apply for while applying for the college. I applied to nearly every honors program at every college I applied to (so basically double the essays) and since I did too many, I missed a lot of deadlines. I didn’t think I’d end up going to UK, so I didn’t make it a priority to get those honors essays in, so I was late and didn’t make any of those programs. 

3. Make sure to get a tour of your college (start touring as soon as your school allows). I applied to a lot of out-of-State colleges that I knew I wouldn’t visit unless I had a serious thought about going there. So, I didn’t visit UK until I pretty much decided I was going there. So I missed out on a lot of information, such as there was an honors engineering program that I actually was qualified for with all of the necessary scores and grades, but since I heard about it too late, I couldn’t apply.

4. When you get accepted and are signing up for your orientation, sign up for the earliest orientation. Yes, it does matter. You’ll get last choice in classes the later you wait. Heed my’ll make a HUGE difference.

So far that’s all I’ve got for pre-college tips that I wish I knew before I started ever applying. I’ll add more tips the more that I learn! I actually have a Pinterest board for college. Some of it is tips for college that I’ve found, and some are room decor ideas. So check it out! #socrecentfresh

I think that’s all of what’s going on in the now…I may write a post about how my Summer went, but you commitment to blogging has been rather wavy. Ciao for now, readers!

The End of Summer

So today is my official last day of summer. Currently it is 5:36 PM, just a few hours left of the day. I’m so nervous for school tomorrow! Part of me feels like I haven’t been in forever, and the other part feels like it was just days again summer began. A lot is going to be different this year with all of the school board crap. Not looking forward to the principals and assistant principals being gone. But I still have a LOT to do until the night ends, so this’ll be a short post. As I mentioned, I will keep up the blog, but this is the end of the summer chapter. I want to thank you all for reading at least even a sentence. It pleased me to see my followers trickle up from zero. I never knew that blogging wouldn’t be horrid. So I think this is a good end of the summer song that ironically just came on:

Song of the Day: Save Tonight by Eagle-Eye Cherry

Thanks for reading!

Protected: It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here, So Let’s Go to the Beach

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[EDIT: This is a draft I never finished to post it, so it’ll seem a little out of order.]

Well, I usually I post at work or at least start it, but the internet here has been pretty less than. I know I have a lot to catch up on…this is why I could never be a professional blogger. This morning started off well: woke up on time and ran by Tim Horton’s to get some Timbits and a bagel. Also I checked this one website my dad has been trying to get me to use: Now I don’t believe in talking bad about things publicly, so I’ll just leave that at I’m not exactly a fan. It’s a website where you can get help with coding things by asking or seeing previously asked questions. I asked a question a few days ago, and received some bad rep for it. I have no idea why, I just asked how to make a certain plot in R and I told of my current progress. So I hope those who use it or will use it have it work for them, but I probably won’t use their website again. Anyways, blogging time!

Wednesday, July 3rd:

Last day to work this week! I sort of planned to work more today to make up for not being able to work tomorrow (Independence Day!) or Friday. Mandy comes in around 3 to have our little meeting. We had some good progress with graphing, and she taught me the statistical calculus relation of PDF and CDF to a deeper understanding. Took me a while for it to click since I’ve not had my thoughts in a calculus mindset in shy of two months. I work my short 1 to 5 half-day, and go home to do my usual laziness.

Thursday, July 4th:

Happy Independence Day! Everyone I talk to never really calls it that, but I felt it sounded redundant to say July 4th a million times. First day of my 5 day weekend, and I’m ready for a fun night! I really didn’t do anything during the day besides gaming (notice a pattern?). Tonight Kaylee, Amanda, and Tay are having a party at Tay’s house. It starts at 5, but I wanted to eat dinner at home since we were having red potatoes. They’re the tastiest type of potatoes when prepared well. After dinner, it’s nearing 9. I shuffle around to make sure the dishes are done and that I’m prepared for being outside tonight. Right when I’m about to leave, I get a call from Kaylee saying to come over quickly since they’re leaving for the Centerville fireworks. I grab the blanket and spray it down with Febreeze due its rank stench. Sadly, it’s the quickest option I had for an outside blanket/chair. I hop in the back of Brandon’s car, and we’re off!

It’s nice to get to hang out with a different scene. We laugh and play around while Brandon makes a gas pit stop. When we get to the high school, it’s packed. I thought it odd since they don’t start until nearly an hour later. We grab a pretty good spot by the rest of the group. I know all of them, but I’m not exactly friends with them. My car load sits in the back of Brandon’s car playing random games such as ‘Let’s Make it Awkward”. We don’t really want to make it awkward, so we awkwardly sit and wait for someone to go. The game soon switches to ‘Never Have I Ever’. Brandon loses first, then Kaylee, then we stop our game. Trey and I pass a baseball back and forth awhile until my hand start to hurt. We hang out awhile until it’s passed 10, and we assume there’ll be no fireworks. Cops are swarming everywhere as if they’re trying to find specific people. We leave and head for McDonald’s since Brandon’s hungry and then Kroger’s to get more drinks for the sleepover. We run by my house to grab some sleepover gear, and proceed to Tay’s. We all have this deep desire for pizza, but we assume her mom would say no. We stay up chatting awhile and I notice Amanda and Kaylee intensely checking their phones. I ask what’s up, and they say that they’re using this app called MeetMe (sort of like a Facebook extension) they got a few days ago. I decide to download it myself, and Amanda gives me a walk through of what everything means. Within seconds I had profile views and messages and such. Downloading this app means necessitating a scheduled time to check everything in order to not miss anything. So messages and questions have and continue to stockpile and probably won’t be answered. I soon fall asleep, followed by the other girls.

Friday, July 5th:

I wake up a few times, and the last time I notice the other gals are awake. It’s coming up on noon. Katie texts me asking when I’ll be home. We decide to all go to the mall, so Kaylee, Tay, and Amanda slowly organize to get ready. I walk home to take a shower in my own house. I take my time getting ready, assuming I couldn’t be as slow as three girls getting ready. Hours later, I text Amanda asking if they still plan on going. I get an affirmative answer and continue to watch The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Kaylee texts me letting me know they’re basically ready. I ask to use the car, and when I get my yes I drive back on over. The fruit snacks I brought with me were a huge hit: the girls fumbled to have a package of their own. After they eat their various snacks such as hot dogs and mac and cheese, we can finally head to the mall. I tell Amanda of one of my current favorite stores on a teenage dime, and immediately she wants to check it out.

So before we actually go to the mall, we stop by Plato’s Closet. I find a handful of things to try on, and so does Amanda. Tay finds two things she’s interested in, while Kaylee follows empty handed. Kaylee and Tay notice job openings and ask what the minimum age to work there is. I’m positive it’s 18, yet a worker says it’s 16. I swear there must have been a change, for I’ve asked a few times and received the answer as 18. They both decide to take on the lengthy application process. Uninterested in staying and with really no need to since we finished up, Amanda and I run next door to the Dollar Tree to pick up snack for the movies tonight.

We decided we’d go see The Purge. It’s ironic since I’ve seen the movie already, AND on top of that, it’s rated R. Kaylee is roughly a week from dinging 17 and Tay has awhile longer until she turns of age. Amanda and I buzz around the store, cruising for deals worth participating in. We purchase our goods, and check up on the rest of the gang. They’re still filling out their applications…I guess the sales clerk was right in saying it’d be at least a half an hour process. Too bored to care to stay, we wait in the car, chatting and listening to music. It seems like quite a while, but the others soon come out to the car.

Next, our adventure takes us to the actual mall. We mill around, walking around in different stores. The only place we spend more than 2 minutes in is Spencer’s. Tay and Kaylee buy matching belly button piercings. Amanda buys some random piercings for her ear and nose. We notice that it’s later than we thought, so we head on home. I drop them off at Tay’s, and proceed home.

Saturday, July 6th – Friday, July 12th:

Work and randomly milling about.

Saturday, July 13th:

Baby Tyler is over for the day again! I’m currently texting a guy named Blake that I’ve not exactly met yet. He insists we hang out today since he’s not often in town (my town). The only way we can hang out would be if he gets me and hang out at his house…Sounds completely sketch right? Well, I keep my phone on quick dial for Katie incase anything were to go wrong. Really shouldn’t be going over, but he’s really insisting, and uh, well he’s really cute. I admit, I have trouble saying no to tan abs. He picks me up in a very hot ride: a yellow Camaro with two striped bisecting its left and right side. We go back to his stepdad’s place and watch Hitch in his movie theatre-like basement.  He takes me home a few hours later so I can go to the mall with Katie and Tyler.

Kaylee’s birthday party! I need to make a mad dash to the mall in order to find a birthday present for Kaylee. I pass by Piercing Pagoda and see a belly button piercing I want to get for her. Yes, she did recently buy a new one or two, but this one’s differently shaped. Katie says they’re more comfortable since they can be tucked in instead of poking out. So I go for it. We make a run into Bath & Body works, and I get her this half lotion half glitter nonsense, that I decide I could use some too. It was only $4, so what the heck. Lastly, I want to run into Victoria’s Secret. As soon as I walk in, an employee tells me of today’s deal. If a Pink item is purchased, then a sizeable water bottle with a mini stuffed dog and a coupon comes free. Right then I know I’m buying something of Pink. She also mentioned that I could buy an $8 perfume and get the deal. I see nothing I’m truly interested in spending my money on, so I buy the perfume for her. Katie walks in from buying a smoothie for her n Tyler, and I ask of her to buy the perfume for me with my money so I could get another dog in a cup. She obliges since I’m giving her the coupon.

After, we make our way towards the play zone for little kiddies. Tyler runs around in the utmost adorable fashion. Of course it had to be placed directly across from Aunty Anne’s, so now Katie and I have to buy a food item. She gets a regular pretzel, and I get the cinnamon pretzel bites. We head home so I can pack Kaylee’s present together, and go over early to help set up.

I drive to Kaylee’s even though it’s just down the street in case I need a car. It turns out I did to make a run to Little Caesar’s to get pizza, and K-Mart to get ice for the drinks. We set up and xyz, and party people start to show up. I know basically no one. At least, I’m not friends with anyone them. They are all part of the JROTC scene, something I never got into. The only one I recognize is Alex. I hug him, but I guess old tension prevents him from really interacting with me. So I pretty much hang around Kaylee, Tay, and Brandon all evening.

One of the moms of the party has an idea for a game to play. I can’t recall what it’s called, but the gist of it is to hit people with a newspaper/magazine. Everyone stands in a circle, and one by one says either their middle name, or a name they’ll go by for the sake of the game. Half say their middle name, and the other half make something up. There are a few repeats, which will keep things extra interesting. The name I go by is Tay. She didn’t seem too fond of my choice, but I beam back a large smile as to signal game on. It was actually a pretty fun game.

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Waiting for That Feeling

If ever a time to post, now would probably be the worst. Given that this is for an English journal/diary project, a post of honesty isn’t out of place. Fair warning: this isn’t a giddy update on funny things that happened to me. I do have stuff to mention though, such as my funky bowling adventure, my presentation on the WPAFB, rekindling with a 2/3 time ex and more, but later.

Ever have that feeling where you couldn’t feel more alone? Where you call your closest friend and the only time her mom says no to hanging out if not busy is because you’re too much of an emotional wreck for her daughter to help? That you try to confide in a person, and you get told that just the sheer act of talking in turn is attempting to use that person to manipulate their spouse, which is so impossibly far from the truth, that it hurts that could ever be considered? Of course every teenager goes through phases where they feel alone, but this is the climax feeling of having no one I’ve had in years. When I lived with my mom, before she committed many acts I won’t share here thus basically ending our relationship, I did have that feeling I had no one. I didn’t have many friends I felt that I was close with, I had a stepdad that I used to feel hated my existence, and a mother who shrugged off any emotion I had as crazy and in need to see a psychiatrist. Having no one to call, see, or talk to, that was a very strong feeling of alone I had. That feeling is back. It’s been years since I’ve felt it so strongly. So I’m using this blog to talk of my emotions. I admit, many things from my waning summer had to be omitted because this is a blog on the Internet. This isn’t a place to be so honest. The moment you feel that your blog is the best…thing…to talk to, well that’s an indication of being truly alone.

I’m currently sitting in the guest room (mine’s in limbo of being painted) with a movie on my iPad. I spent a good while doing what upset people do, thinking of who to call to talk to. The few I tried were either busy or not allowed as I mentioned. So I thought I’d write. My first inclination was to write on paper so I could be extremely forthcoming. But, I remembered I need a few more pages to finish my summer assignment, so I’ll just write here.

It does hurt, feeling you don’t have someone to tell everything to. None of my friends from school know a few things about me, and none of my virtual friends know everything about me of course, and none of my family is close enough to know or ask. Anyone my family buys to talk to I’d never fully trust. So what should someone do in a situation like this?

Edge of Seventeen

I know I still have two months until I Ding! at 18, but this classic song popped up on my queue from my collection, so I figured I’d make it my song of the day.

Song of the Day: Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks

See, I’m not all pop/electro/indie, my taste can vary from coast to coast.

So I emailed my counselor a few days back to get my schedule for the next year fixed, and I had a pleasing surprise that he did it. Odd since during the school year I can never get anything done with him…but that’s what happens when your counselor is the head football coach and extremely busy, so I get it. No public hate happening here. Even though I adore Spanish, with the way our school system has been crumbling over the summer, I can’t take it. I took it my first three year, and I don’t think I ever got below a 94/95 in that class. It was definitely a grade booster, but many of the Spanish teachers have already left (including two of my favorites, Castro and Fulton) so SHS is not the place to continue that path. I replaced its spot with Accounting. I heard that’s not an awfully hard class, and hopefully since I’ve taken all of the math classes offered, between Accounting and AP Physics I can get a year of math in.

My schedule (since all of you are so curious of what I’m doing, but it also helps me keep track):

  1. AP Physics
  2. AP English
  3. Accounting
  4. CP Gov’t
  5. Photo II/Sculpture

I hope to have some friends in classes this year. The past year especially hasn’t been to kind in that regard. Sadly one of my best friends Andrea can’t possible have the same class as me (disregarding study hall and/or lunch) since hers is completely different. Madi, another friend of mine, will take Accounting, Photo II, and hopefully sculpture, so maybe we could be in the same class! Sydney’s taking my AP classes, so we could share those in common.

I felt like the biggest fat ass returning to work with lunch…here  I was, driving with my Wendy’s chowin down on some fries, and I pass this bicycler going uphill. I felt bad or him until I thought, “Oh wait, he’ll be working off calories, while I accumulate a few hundred+ and sit down in my office for a few more hours.” #trueAmerican.

I only have to write 10 more pages until I get the maximum summer writing extra credit! As I said, I’ll keep it going, but I need these pages done by…August 26th? My posts have recently been a page a day, so as long as I keep that up, I’ll be finished in a tad over a week. If I ever got to finishing my drafts and the camp post, I could easily be done. But you know me, procrastination at its best right here. Though I do wonder, when I have lists such as my schedule, if that’ll be all right that it’s not a solid block of text, yet shy of ten words taking the place of a short paragraph. Who knows. Anyways…

Oh! I changed my Gravatar. I’m a pro selfie taker, I swear. Someone could hire me to do them except well, selfies are taken by the person, so no photographer needed. That’d be some weird form of…something else, I don’t even know, not a selfie alright. Now I admit, I feel like I’m writing to write. What’s something fantastic worth reading…

Well, I’ve decided that my favorite (partial) Beatles song is While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Faaantastic stuff right there. I guess that’s all for now. See ya next post!

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Lunch and Happily After

So today I got to have lunch with my boss, Mandy, and a few of her coworkers that are very into math, as I am. One has a major in mathematics, while the other has a degree in statistics. It was interesting to get to hear new perspectives on things INTERalliance has drilled into my brain. They were also quite personable, so it was fun. One brought her little sun, and he was a riot. He hit the gong with such force, everyone in the restaurant jumped. He also got to play with the large cooking tools that the cooks use to cook, flip, and entertain a crowd with. When I was walking back to my car to go to work, I was offered some tea sample. Never had those handed to me on the street, but man were they tasty. I’ll have to go back when I return to The Greene.

Also, last night my dad finally tried my current favorite game, Garry’s Mod. I’ve been trying to get him to play forever, making deals that I’ll play his new games if he just tries this one. It never worked until I bought it for him along with Terraria, insisting that he really should play. Last night he had a free half an hour to play with me and I insisted it be used for Garry’s Mod, instead of Diablo which is where he spends all of his free time. He got used to everything pretty quick. Good chance even quicker than I did. When I first played two and a half years ago, it was kind of frustrating and took me a few days to enjoy it a lot. He seemed to like it, though. But I did throw him in a Skype call with me and 4 I think of my other friends. So it was definitely overwhelming. I hope he plays again sometime.

Song of the Day: When I’m Alone by Lissie

Playlist of the Day: Turntable: Indie While You Work

Well, it’ll be a smaller post today. I don’t have much to elaborate on. Lots of stuff coming up though, with school beginning soon. Oh, yesterday Sydney did come over to drop off a necklace and show me her car. Though she brought her boyfriend. Even though I met him two years ago, he’s still immensely awkward and not easy to talk to. Then again, I’m not the best at talking to someone that their first language isn’t English. None of the friends Sydney and I share can really easily talk to him. But oh well, as long as he makes her happy.

P.s. I don’t like Windows 8, I’d recommend never even trying it, it will frustrate the bejesus out of most.

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